Integrate blog with e-shop and increase sales

Do not rely on your customers finding their way to your e-shop. Promote your products on sites they like to visit. Include the offer of relevant products into blogs, on-line magazines or other content websites. Thus enabling their readers to shop easily. Product widgets can also replace the function of related goods or classic banner ads.

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What Product Widgets will do

Connecting blog and e-shop

Use your blog to promote your products in an unforced and effective way. Explain to the readers why they should buy the item in question and offer it to them at the same time. Linking information and the good can convince even a hesitant customer to place the order.

Increasing conversions via articles

Get the most sales potential out of your blog content. Add tracking codes to the widget and track in Google Analytics the number of orders each article brings you. Thanks to this, you will be aware of what works for your target audience, and you will be able to write other posts in such a way that they generate the highest possible profit.

Custom design

Create custom widgets to your liking. A simple editor with an immediate preview allows you to set the colour, the text of the button and the description under the price in no time. Using your own CSS, you can even modify a complete visual. The Product Widgets add-on enables four display modes: responsive, horizontal, vertical and carousel.

Automatic updating and adding of products in widgets

Include as many products as you need into a widget. Or set a random selection from a product category and show the blog readers a different one each time they open the page. Any changes to a product in the e-shop will automatically be updated in the offer. If you delete a product, you will be immediately notified by the Product Widgets add-on, in that way you will not promote a product that is no longer on offer.

Easy to install and use

Make use of all advantages on the Product Widgets add-on, even if you are not a techie. Control takes place in your own administration, where all your products are clearly arranged. In a few clicks, you can easily create widgets in the editor with immediate preview. All you have to do afterwards is to generate the code and copy it to any page. This would be a piece of cake even for your grandma.

Who can make use of Product Widgets add-on

E-shop owners

Do you run a blog and you would like to generate even more orders? Using Product Widgets in your articles, you can easily include an offer of relevant products that your readers will be able to purchase almost immediately.


Are you seeking solutions to generate more conversions for your clients? With Product Widgets add-on they will make most of the content. On top of that, everything can be tracked and evaluated using tracking codes.

Web developers

Are you looking for a way of offering relevant goods and inserting items from an e-shop anywhere on the web? Thanks to Product Widgets, you don´t have to worry about creating anything manually, updating existing widgets or synchronising.

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