Display products from your e-shop in the content

Make the most of your blog. Using the Product Widgets add-on you can easily create a menu of your products that can be inserted in blog posts, on-line magazines or any website. It will help you to get closer to your customers and they will be able to move smoothly from relevant content to your e-shop.

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Product Widgets helps both small and large e-shops

307 e-shops
24 254+ widgets
4 620 977+ products

Product Widgets' features

Connecting blog and e-shop
Increasing sales from articles
Various widget designs
Simplicity and automation

Integrating blog and e-shop

Include the offer of e-shop products in an article in a simple and natural way. Convince the reader with the content and allow them to shop right away.

Other features

Increasing sales with articles

Monetize your efforts and blog content. By including relevant product offers in your articles, you will increase conversions and thus the profit they will bring you.

Other features

Various widget designs

Customize your widgets to make them as attractive as possible for the target group.  Set the colour, text, label and display mode to your liking.

Other features

Simplicity and automation

Create widgets in a few clicks and let them do the rest. They themselves update any changes to the product and notify you if, for example, a promoted product disappears from the menu.

Other features

"One of the best add-ons I have installed on my e-shop. Once created, the widget can be inserted not only in blog articles, but also in product descriptions (accessories, components, etc.) and you can even transfer it into WordPress. Shared widgets of different products are also great, e.g. for articles featuring product comparisons, or widgets for a specific product variant. In my opinion, it is totally cool and user friendly."

Ondřej Vítek
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